ColorPurest Silver Coat
HeightVery Tall
Weight120 lbs (when grown, still a pup)
CoatThin Coat, Shiny

Sako is our only sire, born November 9, 2014, and he too was the pick of the litter. He has the purest silver colored coat out of all our dogs. He is very tall, extremely active and somewhat lanky due to his high energy level. His feet are huge, so we know he will be a large dog when fully developed. He already weighs about 100 lbs., and will likely weigh around 120 lbs. when fully grown and developed. He has the champagne color trait in his bloodline. He is very well-mannered, has a very pleasant temperament, and very athletic! His lanky body conformation, very tall stature, and short-haired shiny silver coat, also gives him that working American Labrador look. He lives off-site with our friends on a ranch.


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