Our Available Puppies


DOLLY/COLT litter – Dolly whelped October 13th.  She has 3 pups, all males with 2 black and 1 white (champagne).  They are doing great and I will post pics when they open their eyes in a few days.  These pups are $1,000.  See below for more info.


ROSE/WILLIE litter – Rose is a solid white standard Poodle and she was bred to Willie, a sold white Labrador Retriever, so we are expecting a litter of all white Labradoodles!!  Rose was bred October 1st, and is due on or about December 1st!!  These pups are $1,500. See below for more info. Here are pics of the parents.

The price of my pups are typically $1,300 (AKC limited registration with no breeding rights). If you are interested in AKC full registration, the price is $500 more than the limited price.  Please contact me at 214-499-5437 to discuss and you must be a qualified breeder with knowledge, prior experience, and appropriate facilities to manage a litter of puppies.

You can place a $200 deposit to reserve your pick of a pup from this upcoming litter(s). Deposits are refundable, however they can also be moved to a future litter if something comes up or if you have unexpected expenses arise. You can place a deposit in one of 3 ways:

1) Paypal: Use paypal and pay to jashier2014@gmail.com. Indicate in the comments section the gender and pick #.

2) Square (credit card): Email me at jashier2014@gmail.com to let me know you would like to place a deposit and I will email you an invoice with Square and you can pay with a credit card.

3) Check: Mail to Jason Hierholzer, P.O. Box 812, Pearsall, TX 78061

Contact me at 214-499-5437 to let me know you are sending a check.

We offer shipping to anywhere in the United States.  The fee for shipping ranges from $300 to $400, depending on your location and the time of year. During the summer months, the cost is a little higher because the puppies are shipped on an airline with temperature controlled cargo areas.  This cost range includes the shipping fee, insurance, a pet carrier, and a vet health certificate.

DOLLY & COLT litter born October 13th!

Collar Gender Color Reserved/Available
TBD Male Black
TBD Male White

ROSE & WILLIE – LABRADOODLES expected Dec 1st!

  Gender Color Reserved/Available
1st pick Male White
2nd pick Male White
3rd pick Male White
4th pick Male White
1st pick Female White SEILER
2nd pick Female White
3rd pick Female White AVAILABLE
4th pick Female White AVAILABLE

PLANNED FUTURE LITTERS (Parents – Color(s) – Expected – Picks Available):

  • Beretta & Colt – All Silver – Early 2020
    • Males:  1st – VILLANUEVA, 2nd – CLINE, 3rd – AVAILABLE
    • Females:  1st – HESSLER, 2nd – AVAILABLE
  • Daisy & Winchester – All Silver – Early 2020
    • Males:  1st – HEPBURN, 2nd – WILLIAMS, 3rd – AVAILABLE
    • Females:  1st – MARTINEZ, 2nd – WHITAKER, 3rd – AVAILABLE
  • Faith & Willie – All White – Early 2020
    • Males:  1st – AVAILABLE
    • Females: 1st – AVAILABLE
  • Reba & Willie – All White – Spring 2020
    • Males:  1st – AVAILABLE
    • Females: 1st – AVAILABLE
  • Remi & Winchester – All Silver – Spring 2020
    • Males:  1st – AVAILABLE
    • Females: 1st – AVAILABLE

To reserve a pup from any of the upcoming planned litters, contact me at (214) 499-5437 with a text or call…Thanks!


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