Benelli (Nelli) – Retired

ColorSilver with Dark Tint
WeightStockier - Neary 100 lbs.

Nelli is our second oldest dam, born November 23, 2014, and was also the pick of the litter. She is a beautiful silver color with a dark tint, as she has the charcoal colored trait in her bloodline. She has the blockiest head of all my females and a stocky stature, currently weighing about 95 lbs. She is very well-mannered with a pleasant temperament. Her body conformation, tall stature, and shorter thinner coat give her more of an American Labrador look. She whelped her 1st litter in Nov 2016, however she had trouble with her next litter and aborted the pups, so I have decided to retire Nelli.


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